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Replenish Omega-3 is the first Omega-3 supplement specifically designed for women.

Omega-3 The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids can make a big difference in both the health and beauty of a woman. EFAs are essential fatty acids that the body can not produce on its own.

Replenish Omega-3 advantages:

logo The exact concentration recommended for the
    specific needs of women
logo Can help stabilize mood swings and enhance
    hormonal balance
logo Helps alleviate the symptoms associated with PMS
    including cramping
logo Contains only the purest and safest
    pharmaceutical-grade Omega-3 oil
logo Provides the perfect amount of DHA to help
     support brain and memory function

 eplenish Omega-3 is specifically formulated for women providing
      vital nutrients for your health, beauty and longevity

Replenish Omega-3 is a pharmaceutical-grade fish oil. This means that our product must pass a rigorous testing method to assure quality and purity. With Replenish Omega-3 you can be assured that you are receiving the optimum nutrition in a safe, mercury-free formula. One soft gel of our highly concentrated formula provides you with 400 mg of omega-3 which is the perfect amount for women in their child bearing years.

Omega-3s have been linked to several health benefits including reducing the risks of coronary heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends taking DHA and EPA to prevent heart disease related death. The AHA also conducted a study which shows that proper intake of DHA can reduce blood pressure.

Specific Benefits for Women

Omega-3 supplementation in the right amounts have some major benefits for women including reducing the symptoms of PMS by decreasing cramping. Mood swings can often be stabilized as well because of Omega-3 intake.

Replenish Essentials also contains the perfect amount of DHA recommended for women which helps support brain and memory function. Many women have noticed an immediate difference in the way they feel and cognitive function after starting omega-3 supplementation.

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Specific Benefits of Replenish Omega-3

tick Only One Soft Gel Per Day
100% of the daily omega-3 recommendation in one soft gel
tick Safe & Pure High Quality Omega-3 oil
Made only with pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 essential fatty acid oil in its purest form to ensure the very highest level of quality. This superior purity is made possible by molecular distillation, the only method that can achieve pharmaceutical grade status.
tick Manufactured In An FDA-Approved Facility
Replenish Omega-3 is one of the only omega-3 products to meet this criteria. This helps to ensure that proper testing is conducted and precise standards are met.
tick Perfectly Complements Replenish Essentials
Designed and formulated to work in conjunction with the vitamins and minerals in Replenish Essentials.

Replenish Essentials
Replenish Omega-3

Replenish Omega-3 was designed to meet the exact recommendation for omega-3 intake in women

The daily recommendation for omega-3s from The World Health Organization and governmental health agencies of several countries is between 300-500mg of daily EPA + DHA. Because women in their childbearing years may become pregnant, there is even greater importance placed on getting this amount from a safe source, such as a molecularly distilled omega-3 supplement like Replenish Omega-3. Each Replenish Omega-3 soft gel provides 400 mg of Omega-3s. By taking one easy-to-swallow soft gel per day, you can meet 100% of the daily recommended level of Omega-3s for women.

DHA Chart

About Omega-3 EPA and DHA:

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are the two principle omega-3's found in fish. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are essential because they are not synthesized by the body and must be obtained through diet or supplementation. Most commercial omega-3 complexes contain only a fraction of the DHA and EPA recommended for women. Replenish Omega-3 contains 400 mg of omega-3 per soft gel, an amount well within the recommended dosage for women in their childbearing years.

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Order Only Replenish Omega-3
Replenish Essentials
Replenish Essentials MultiVitamin A multivitamin specifically designed for women. Provides support for your health, beauty, and longevity.
Learn More about Replenish Essentials
Replenish Omega-3
Replenish Omega-3 An omega-3 supplement specifically designed for women. Provides support for your health, beauty, and longevity.
Learn More about Replenish Omega-3

The Replenish Advantage

tick Unique Optimal Nutrient Balance
Replenish is specially formulated for women, based on the recommendations of leading doctors at the National Institutes of Health.
tick Replenish is Safe
Replenish is natural and free of sugar, starch, dyes, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, corn, soy, wheat, egg, and milk products.
tick Gentle, Micro-encapsulated Iron
Replenish contains a coated, micro-encapsulated form of iron that is gentle on your stomach.
tick Bioavailable Nutrients That Exceed USP Standards for Solubility and Absorption
Replenish nutrients are highly bioavailable and exceed USP standards for solubility and absorption rates.
tick Pure and Safe Replenish Omega-3
Replenish Omega-3 is pure, with a fatty acid formula that is derived from marine lipids and certified to be free of mercury and lead.
tick Manufactured in an FDA-Approved Facility
Rarely is a multivitamin such as Replenish manufactured to the same FDA standards used for drugs. This helps to ensure quality and potency.

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